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The finest one of all

Even the finest buildings need a little facelift to keep up with times and so did Hong Kong’s pre-eminent landmark, Pacific Place. In mid of 2000s, Swire Properties Ltd. decided that the time was ripe for a major renovation of Pacific Place Shopping Mall.


The mall is a multi function complex with over 6.5 acres. It is the home for A grade office, luxury apartments, five stars hotels and many other facilities. The renovation brings in contemporary luxury integrated with the classical elegance originally built. The aesthetics include softened contours, natural wood and bronze interiors, makes a visual play between angles and curves achieving remarkable arts. Six KONE elevators including 5 transparent bubble elevators and 1 shuttle elevator have been installed by phases to prevent the disruption to tenants. All elevators are tailor made with curvy glass panels to form a fully glazed wave shape car cabin. The finest fitted bronze claddings, flooring, handrail, button and signalization panels have classicized the design and made the elevator system a piece of mobile arts. KONE MonoSpace® machine-room-less elevators have not just saved the space for the machine room, the high efficiency of the permanent magnet machine EcoDisc® has chopped the operating costs to a minimal. Dedicated to innovativeness, KONE elevator system has the best ride comfort, eco-efficiency and visual design that deliver the best People Flow™ experience. Given the mall remains open during the entire renovation process, all works are well planned, sequenced and scheduled to avoid disruption to shoppers and tenants. Partnered with all the stakeholders, various workshops and reviews have been conducted to ensure deliveries are at right time and conditions as reworks are the luxury that cannot be afforded.

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General Information

  • Architect: Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd.
  • Builder: Gammon Construction Ltd.
  • Consultant: Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Ltd.
  • Development: Swire Properties Ltd.
  • Designer: Heatherwick Studio

KONE Solutions

  • 4 KONE Monospace® Elevators
  • 2 KONE Minispace™ Elevators
  • Speed: up to 2.5m/s
  • Loading: up to 1600kg


  • To renovate one of Hong Kong's premier shopping malls to reflect contemporary luxury


  • Design of customized luxurious glass elevators, supervised by a leading architect and designer
  • Machines room-less elevator solutions, saving spaces and reducing construction costs
  • Dedicated Project Management carefully planned installation process to ensure minimal disturbance to shoppers during the renovation


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