Advanced People Flow solutions

Advanced People Flow solutions

Advanced People Flow covers solutions for access and destination control, infotainment solutions for elevators, and equipment monitoring solutions.



KONE Access is a scalable and flexible access control system that seamlessly integrates with your elevator system and building doors. It combines user interface devices, system hardware, and access control management software.



Our destination control system significantly improves efficiency and convenience in your building with clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded elevators, as well as easy integration with KONE Access.



KONE infotainment solutions help create an even richer experience for everyone with entertainment and communication solutions that completely transform your building’s user experience.



KONE monitoring solutions put critical, real-time equipment information at your fingertips to help you make better-informed decisions and ensure smooth, safe people flow around the clock.

Advanced People Flow solutions


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Advanced People Flow solutions


KONE health and well-being solutions

Our people flow expertise, together with our range of health and well-being solutions, help create safer user journeys and healthier spaces in buildings.

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KONE information

With KONE information solutions you can share important building information quickly and easily while enhancing the elevator experience for passengers with a wide variety of customizable content.


KONE 24/7 connected services

KONE 24/7 Connected Services give you a clear overview of the status of your equipment and mean you can take advantage of preventive maintenance services from day one.

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