Modular escalator modernization

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Escalator drive

Upgrading the escalator drive will help improve ride comfort, reliability and performance. With our modular escalator modernization solutions, disturbance to tenants and visitors is minimized.


Escalator chains

Our lubrication-free step escalator chains eliminate oil smells and the risk of oil leaking through the cladding. This significantly reduces the risk of fire and makes escalator maintenance easier.


Escalator controller

Replacing an aging escalator controller with a modern microprocessor-based unit will significantly improve safety and energy efficiency. The KONE 501 controller connects to the latest safety monitoring systems for increased peace of mind.

img_modular escalator controller


Modular escalator modernization can bring the visual appearance of your escalator in line with your building’s look and feel. You can replace any or all of the balustrades, access covers, comb plates, skirts and decking, cleaning and balancing steps, as well as the lighting.



It’s important to make sure your escalators comply with all relevant local standards. We offer various modular escalator modernization solutions for bringing your equipment up to date, including brush deflector systems, dynamic braking, and additional safety signage.

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A hassle-free project and help with planning – yes please!

Well-planned modernization ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, that it complies with the latest safety standards, and complements your building’s design. We can monitor the condition of your equipment and help you make informed decisions about what modernization work needs to be done and the best time to do it.


Focus on safety

Safety is the corner stone in everything we do. We constantly thrive for better safety of our escalators and autowalks through rigorous attention to our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes. Read more about the safety culture at KONE.