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The KONE Turnstile 1000 is a stylish half-height sensor barriers designed for public and commercial buildings and airports that need efficient turnstiles. It features durable, high-quality materials, full access reader and destination control integration, stylish lighting options, and visual guidance alternatives. To complement our security turnstiles, glass and stainless steel swing gates as well as easy-to-install guidance barriers can be added to a turnstile access control system.

Features and options

  • Available as a stand-alone turnstile access control system or as an add-on to other access monitoring systems
  • Visual design matches our elevator signalization and access readers for a harmonized look and feel throughout your building
  • Visual cues to guide users can include illuminating arrows and traffic-light guidance
  • Adjustable turnstile gate direction, possibility to integrate any brand of access card reader, and choice of finishes
  • Energy-efficient LED strips provide lighting and enhance the appearance of our security turnstiles
  • Glass resistant to wear and tear, vandal-proof, and easy to clean


  • KONE Turnstile 1000


  • Offices
  • Transit centers
  • Hotels
  • Medical facilities

Tools and downloads

KONE turnstile 1000

The new KONE Turnstile 1000 features a versatile design, and is a dynamic turnstile gate with a broad range of functionalities and use cases. It includes modern access readers to ensure smooth, secure, and safe movement of people.

KONE automatic swing gates and guiding barriers

Complementing KONE turnstiles, swing gates are perfect for goods transportation and improved accessibility, while guiding barriers help improve safety and access control.