KONE EcoMod™

Comprehensive escalator modernization

The KONE EcoMod™ escalator modernization solution offers an innovative and systematic approach to replacing the entire workings of your escalators, delivering brand new technology without expensive, disruptive truss removal. You get a complete new escalator right in your existing truss, featuring current escalator technology, reduced energy consumption and operating costs, and a 25-30 year life-cycle. This product is applicable in all market segments, and it will significantly improve the people flow experience in your building.

When is KONE EcoMod™ the right solution for you?


When working in hard-to-access sites

With modular installation, parts are delivered just in time to the site, ready to be installed.


When you want to retain existing architecture

With KONE EcoMod, there is no need to demolish floors, roofs and building facades. There’s less noise and dust, and less refinishing work required.


When you need nonstop people flow

You can stay open for business during project.

EcoMod™ installs with the existing truss


Features and Benefits


Safer and cleaner

The KONE EcoMod meets or exceeds worldwide escalator safety code requirements, including JIS, ASME, EN115, and B44



The KONE EcoMod includes several features and options that can dramatically reduce electricity consumption.



There are fewer structural modifications and less refinishing of the building, so the total project costs are usually lower with KONE EcoMod than for full replacement.



You have a wide selection of handrail colors and step, cladding and decking finishes.


Spur and helical gears

The spur and helical gears provide high efficiency – more than 94% at rated load – reducing electricity consumption.



KONE EcoMod is compatible with all KONE escalators and moving walks, and with most escalators from other brands. For other brands a survey would be conducted to assure compatibility.

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