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A legend comes alive

One of the busiest sports and entertainment centers in the world, the Staples Center with its saucer-shaped structure is an iconic part of the Los Angeles landscape. Here’s how KONE has helped people moving around the massive complex.


The Staples Center in Los Angeles has played host to some of the greatest moments in sporting and entertainment history. This multi-purpose arena holds pride of place in the hearts and minds of the people of Los Angeles. Which is why KONE was brought in to design and provide the best solutions. The sheer number of people who gather for the various events makes it essential that logistics and transportation services be tough enough and fast enough to handle the pressure. In the case of most other buildings, when equipment breaks down, there is downtime until spare parts are received and repairs are begun. However, for a facility like Staples, any amount of downtime can severely impact operations, leading to thousands of disgruntled guests. Ensuring minimal breakdowns is essential for smooth operations.

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  • Building Name: Staples Center,
  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Owner: Anschutz Entertainment Group
  • Building Size: 954,000 SF
  • 4 million annual guests

KONE solutions

  • KONE Online
  • 11 KONE escalators
  • 10 KONE elevators


  • To ensure smooth and secure people flow to various levels of seating.
  • Provide safety and reliability of escalators and elevators to maximize equipment uptime.


  • Preventive maintenance and proactive component upgrades with the aid of KONE maintenance technicians.
  • KONE Online provides customers with online access to performance history details and the ability to monitor service requests.

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