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Located in the contemporary city area of Quarry Bay, K11 ATELIER King’s Road is a Grade-A office premises offering premium office spaces for the most prestigious international companies and brands from traditional Central areas. The building demonstrates a new era of commercial offices and cultural gallery. KONE’s unique Advanced People Flow solution, incorporated with quality and green elements, provides an all-encompassing customer experience for the community to move safely, smoothly and comfortably.


  • Year of completion: 2019
  • Developer: New World Development Company Ltd.
  • Architect: P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd.
  • Builder: New World Construction Company Ltd.
  • Consultant: Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Number of floors: 28


  • Destination Control System™ to ensure smooth people flow by significantly improving the convenience and efficiency
  • Software integration with elevator system, Access Control, 3rd party QR Code & Turnstile to enhance security level
  • KONE E-Link™ for flexible monitoring & management of the elevator and escalator operation by giving you a real-time overview of equipment status, demand, traffic performance, and availability
  • Custom-made infotainment solutions to offer an extraordinary visual experience covering multimedia and web-based content as well as safety and building-related information in elevator cars and lobbies


  • World-class Touchscreen Destination Operating Panel, integrated inimitably with office information display to deliver highly intuitive interface for an effortless elevator experience
  • Customized door jamb display to exhibit dispatching floors
  • Energy efficient solutions with our elevators and escalators for greener buildings


  • 12 units KONE MiniSpace™
  • Speed up to 5 m/s, travel up to 127m
  • 2 units KONE MonoSpace®
  • Speed at 1.6 m/s, 24.3m travel
  • 8 KONE TravelMaster™
  • Vertical Rise ranging from 5m - 6m
  • KONE Destination Control System™
  • KONE E-Link™ equipment monitoring system
  • Software integration with elevator system,
  • Access Control, 3rd party QR Code & Turnstile
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We make your building more desirable to potential tenants

User-friendly, customizable solutions ensure smooth people flow from front door to final destination – less waiting, more comfort

When your needs change, so do your solutions

We provide scalable and modular out-of-the box solutions and tailored solutions that can be customized for new or existing buildings

We offer world-class visual design

A visually consistent range of high-quality accessories and components across our entire solution portfolio improves the visual appeal of your lobby and elevators

Everything you need from one partner

An end-to-end solution from KONE means lower total costs and no need to coordinate with multiple suppliers

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