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Holding the handrails when you ride on an escalator is the right approach. However, the escalator handrails are touched by a large number of passengers every day, thus its hygiene level must not be ignored.

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100% natural Nano antibacterial coating

Traditionally, escalator handrails are cleaned and sterilized regularly by human hands. In addition to being time consuming, it does not ensure proper disinfection. Some other new method is to install some devices outside the escalator in order to clean and disinfect the handrails. This can save manpower and ensure the hygiene of the handrail. However, since these devices are installed outside the escalator, which indirectly increases the safety risk of passengers.

KONE now introduces HandSure - a brand new solution which the device can be installed in the escalator truss and sprayed with a 100% natural Nano antibacterial coating automatically. It can effectively kill and prevent more than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and reassure the hygiene and safety of passengers.

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Proven Protection

This sterilizing device make use of the Nano antibacterial coating with proven composition and effectiveness. Its natural formula does not contain any toxic ingredients. Suitable for all ages, including babies and pets. Even it is not harmful to the body if swallowed or through skin contact.

* Nano antibacterial coating sprayers are installed in the truss of the escalator (shown in blue circle), reducing the risk of tripping passengers.

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