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Predict more than maintenance. Sharpen your asset management strategy with the new KONE 24/7 Planner—powered by AI-driven data collection and the human expertise of KONE Technicians. With KONE 24/7 Planner you can base future repair and modernization investment needs on elevator usage and health data. It gives you the power to see into the future and helps you plan your elevator budget with something more actionable than guesswork.

Don't guess where to invest

Whatever the size of your elevator portfolio—a transparent view into the health of your equipment is crucial to planning and budgeting accurately for upcoming repairs and modernizations. With predictive elevator analytics and human expertise, it’s easy to stay on top of asset management planning. Seeing into the future is no easy task, until now.

Budget smarter, not harder

KONE 24/7 Planner offers predictive analytics powered by AI and the human expertise of KONE Technicians. With it, you can strengthen your asset management strategy, plan budgets and propose future investments with something more than guesswork.

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Discover KONE 24/7 Planner

With the help of data, making the right decisions has never been easier. KONE 24/7 Planner simplifies the decision-making process and helps you plan your asset management strategy with ease.


Unexpected urgent work can have a significant impact on your business. KONE 24/7 Planner offers multi-year balance sheets and investment plans, allowing you to anticipate repair and modernization costs over five years.


Get peace of mind by utilizing our elevator usage and health data to prioritize the most critical equipment and accurately plan your elevator repair budget.


Simplify decision-making with a single dashboard. KONE 24/7 Planner allows you to view the condition of your equipment in real-time with elevator analaytics and complete reports available in just one click.


The data collected on your elevators would be nothing without the know-how of our experienced technicians. Our experts monitor your equipment's data remotely to provide insights and recommendations.

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KONE 24/7 Planner takes the guesswork out of asset management planning with recommendations based on real equipment usage data. Download the brochure to discover more tangible benefits.


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