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KONE UniSwing® Robust - operator for swing doors in the most demanding environments suitable for a majority of external and internal spaces of the building. KONE UniSwing™ Compact – space-saving operator compatible with all standard swing doors; ideal for a wide range of applications. KONE UniSwing™ Solid – flexible operator for environments where smooth door closing is essential; includes spring return for closure during power failures. KONE UniSwing™ FireSafe – durable operator for powering heavy fire-rated doors; fulfills EN 1154 and EN 1155 requirements.


  • Segments: residential buildings, offices, medical facilities, hotels, retail and transit centers
  • Door height: max. 2500 mm
  • Door width: max. 1250 mm
  • Operation: automatic

Features and options

  • Variety of impulse devices, including switches, push-buttons, finger protection, and sensors
  • Can be integrated with access control and central locking systems

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